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This section will contain a description of the significant number of gifts that were made to the church over the years.



1867-1872Baptismal BowlRev. J.W. Lupton 
1902Small Pipe OrganMrs. Lilias Janney 
~1905Bell to the church choirchildren of Mrs. Ann Lewis 
~1905Contribution toward building the belfryMrs. George Brooke 
~1905Installation of Electric LightsDr./Mrs. Lupton 
~1905Brass Alter Desk and Hymn BoardMite Society 

Pulpit Bible

Daughters of Frederick Shaperin memory of their father
1915Silver Containers (2) with 72 individual glassesMrs. Edward Nichols 
post-1915Silver Containers (2) with 72 individual glassesLoyal Aid S.S. Class 
1934Marker placed in front of the churchCircle III 
-Handsome flags displayed currently in the auditoriumJohn Allen Johnston 
-Desk at rear of the auditoriumJohn Janney, representative of the 1861 Virginia Convention 
1936Cedars of Lebanon, planted on the east side of our churchGarden Club of Virginia 
1947Present Pipe OrganMrs. Lilias Janneyin memory of Robert Stevenson Janney, killed in W.W. II
-Small MelodeonMiss Helen Vandeventer 
-Small OrganMrs. Lupton 
-PianoLadies Auxiliary 
-125 chairs, 4 folding tables, bulletin board, draperies, stage curtainthe Kincaid Familyin honor of Dr. John F. Kincaid, Jr., who died in W.W. II
-PianoMr. & Mrs. L.K. Martin 
1950Educational WingMr. Robert Harper
Mrs. Otie Drake
1951Silver Plate (1)Mrs. Louis Titusin memory of her husband, Deacon and church Treasurer
1951Silver Plate (1)Mrs. Kincaid's classin memory of Mrs. Otis Drake, beloved Bible teacher
1952Communion Tablethe Bratney familyin memory of their mother
1954Communion LinenMrs. Josephus Carr 
1955Book case and commentary by Matthew HenryLoyal Aid Class 
-teaching, safety aids, and a model of the churchVernon Clagget, deacon 
1956Flower UrnsMr. & Mrs. Harry Huntley 
1956Two copper flower urnsMr. & Mrs. Harry Huntley 
19563 folding tablesW.O.C. 
-Pulpit Bible (rebound in 1956, not currently in use)  
1960Brass CrossMrs. L.S. Hutchison, Sr.
Mrs. L.S. Hutchison, Jr.
in memory of her parents Mr. & Mrs. C.K. Howser
1962Brass VasesMrs. Raymond Barronin memory of her husband
1962Brass StandsMr. C.H. Clemens 
1966$20,000 Fox Estateto further the work of the church
1966$2,000 Kincaid familyin memory of Nanlin Kincaid
1967Bronze Memorial BoardMr. C.H. Clemensin memory of his wife
1969Two Brass Candelabrafamily of Mr. & Mrs. Josephus Carrin memory of Mr. & Mrs. Josephus Carr
1974 - 1975Renovation of the Main SanctuaryMrs. A.D.P. Gilmore 
1975Chairs for the ChoirJanney Family 
1976Pulpit Bible (not currently in use)Mrs. Caleb Gibson 
~ 2004

Pulpit Bible (currently in use)

Mr. & Mrs. George Atwell

Dedicated to those who journeyed

Before us,

With us,


After us



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Our Staff


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 Our Staff 

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