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Our Staff

Jesus was our ideal model for Christian Education; he devoted his life to telling people about this God and bringing them to Him.  Through commitment to Jesus, we are called to be His disciples and continue His work on earth.


Adult Education Topics

Many adults in the congregation of Leesburg Presbyterian Church have been teachers and or lifelong learners. As a result we have much which we can share of the learning we have acquired from our life’s adventures on the road to salvation. As we travel this “upward way”, to borrow from an old Hymn, some of us in moments of reflection have also developed questions to which our own answers may be uncertain and we would like the opportunity to explore them to determine if we might not gain an answer with greater clarity.

If there are other topics in which you are interested or if you would like to lead a course, please email me at adults@lpcva.org or leave a message at the church office 703) 777-4163.  We are always looking for fresh ideas for new courses and certainly welcome new teachers!



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Our Staff


August 2017




Sunday (8/20)

      Worship      10:00 am


Tuesday (8/22)

      Session 7:00 pm


Sunday (8/27)

     Worship       10:00 am

       Church Picnic after













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 Our Staff 

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